She Saved 20 Kids, Then They Invited Her To A Show And Did This To Her. She Deserved

The world never runs out of heroes and heroines, and this time around, we’re introducing a rather unexpected one. This is good!

It all started in September 2016. Now, Renita Smith happens to be one smart woman who can drive a bus and get school kids home. It’s her job, and she loves it. One day, something happened that thrust her into the limelight!

So Renita had the kids board the bus and get dropped off to their homes or at the various designated stops. She made the first stop, and she made the second. As she made her way to the third stop, she noticed that the brake lights were flashing – something a little out of the ordinary. What happened next is baffling!

The kids told her that there was some smoke coming out from the back of the bus.She checked, only to realize that the bus was about to go up in flames. She calmly led the kids out to safety and saved them all!

Next, she got invited to Ellen’s show, and what happened to her there is just great.

She deserves it. Watch this and SHARE!

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