She Secretly Made A Gnome Home To Pay Tribute To The Loss Of Another Mom

It is within one local park and four kids are seen clustering around a tree. The gnome houses which seems to have mysteriously appeared overnight are the center of attention. The clip below features a random moment of kindness which turned out to an adventure that touched the lives of many families.

There was a place within the Overland Park, KS, known as “Firefly Forest.” At the place, there existed one tiny gnome community built with some whimsical and intricate design. Though no one was sure who had made the little village, it is something that thrilled the local kids. Several notes which were written by different people could be seen hanging from the clothespins, but there is one message which was so touching.

It talked about Allie Fisher who had died of brain cancer when she was only 3 years of age – she lived from 10/16/09 to 6/13/13. The woman behind the gnome houses was none other than Robyn, and at that particular instant, she knew what was needed.

When Kelly visited the park accompanied by her family, she was shocked to see that a new gnome had been put in place and it had the name of her daughter, Allie. This is a video you will love to watch and you will learn why I recommended it at the end of it.

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