She Shocks Many When She Starts Laughing In The Courtroom. The Reason Is Hilarious!

Getting a ticket for violating traffic or parking rules is not fun. Sometimes, the cops issue fines for minor issues following error of judgment that should not cost hundreds of dollars.

One woman in Rhode Island received a ridiculous parking ticket. The woman was taken to court to challenge the ticket.

In the video, the woman rises as the judge reads the violation. The judge stops midway and sighs.

The woman parked two minutes before the legal time. She was issued with a ticket at 9.59 am, before being allowed to park. In her defense, she said her car clock read 10 am.

The judge jokes and asks if jail time is an ideal punishment. Despite the seriousness of the matter, the driver could not stop herself from laughing.

The judge dismisses the ticket. Two minutes is negligible time to issue anyone a ticket. The entire courtroom bursts into laughter.

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