She Spends Her Life In Saving Militaries From Committing Suicide Like Her Husband Did. So Challenging!

There is nothing as sweet as getting married and having your own family. The clip below is about a woman by the name of Stephanie Lembo, who fell in love with her military husband while in college and they both got married in 2005 and had two kids.

When they had their first born in June 2006, her navy husband was away deployed in Germany. When he came home to see his son after three months, Stephanie felt that she had what was missing in her. Life continued as normal, and in 2008 they has their second son. Things started going astray when in Sept. 15th 2009, she underwent a miscarriage of 4 months old. This time, her husband was in Germany, and when he came, things did not get smooth the way they used to be, as he was not the same person neither Stephanie.

Then, her husband started experiencing some complications inside him that she never understood, when she asked him, he told him that in the week of their training that was held in November 2010, he only managed to sleep 5 hours. That week when he was at home he behaved to tally differently, and she never understood what he was saying. She asked him to seek medical attention but he responded that he was not going to do that as he would lose his security clearance.

On the 8th of November, 2010, he committed suicide. Stephanie lost everything she had; soul mate, husband, breadwinner and she became a widow. She blamed herself for not having done enough to prevent him from committing suicide. She tried moving on as a single parent for 2 years but something didn’t fit right. This made her begin doing research on the symptoms that he had and what he got was that he suffered from PTSD, a sleep deprivation, which attacks most of the military people.

This made her dedicate her life to halting this tragedy from happening to other families who have members who are militaries. Watch the touching video below and please SHARE it to all your family and friends by posting it on your Facebook wall!


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