She Suffered In The Hands Of A Heartless Man, But Now She’s Smarter. See What She Did!

During her three-and-half years of marital life with her boyfriend, Emma Murphy has gone through a lot of suffering, including both physical and psychological torture. She and her former boyfriend have 2 kids.

Emma hails from Dublin, Ireland, and she runs a very informative blog touching on motherhood, happiness, and positive lifestyle. She has now decided to reveal her dark secret about her marital ordeals. Her partner had beating and hitting her for a long time, but this time, she took action.

According to her, things got a lot worse in the last year-and-half before she made the long leap and decided to leave the violent partner. In the video, she has a black eye and some injuries that her ex-partner inflicted on her. She has to be a really strong woman for having the courage to post the video online, even though she had her doubts at first.

Emma’s video serves as a clear message to all the women in the same situation as she was. They should know that they’re not alone in the struggle.

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