She Tastes Cotton Candy For The First Time. I Never Expected This!

Do you remember your first reaction as a toddler when you ate something sweet, something that gave you a nice sugar-rush and made you react in the funniest ways possible, something like cotton candy? Well, we bumped into one, and it’s absolutely smile-inducing!

So here’s this family that seems to have some real love for baseball, so they decided to go watch the Seattle Mariners in their best play. They had a little kid, so they decided to bring her along. To make her enjoy everything while out there, they bought her a cotton candy. That’s what changed everything!

Watching the video, you can clearly understand why it had to go viral and reach so many millions of people. This little one’s reaction at the taste of a cotton candy is just amazing. She knows it’s sweet, and the sugar seems to overwhelm her in a way that makes her make some faces. You can already guess that she’s not going to sleep anytime soon!

This is just lovely, and you’ll feel that too. Watch the full clip here and be sure to hit that SHARE button and put it on Facebook. Great!

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