She Teaches Her Dad To Do Something That Makes Their Video Go Viral. A Must Watch!

There’s this cool song that’s sweeping the US.

It’s a popular song, and Silento has decided to turn it into a dance. Now, you know that great songs make great dances, and it’s true for this one. The dance move has been dubbed “nae nae,” and you lay the name. But that’s not the point here.

Here’s a cute little lady that’s in the mood to dish out some cool dance lessons to her dad, and that’s particularly because her dad has to feature in the videos they post online.

Austynn Samarco is just getting into her teen years, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t informed on all the serious dance moves that’s trending all over. Josh is her dad, and he’s the great kind of a guy who’s completely cool with her daughter’s passion for shaking it, so he joins her!

When they do it, you stand and clap, because it’s no ordinary performance. When you look at him, you see him wearing the kind of dancing costume that’ll interest you.

Just take a peek at this, and you won’t help hitting the floor to copy the move! Kindly SHARE with your friends on Facebook!


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