She Thought It Was A Routine Baby Check-up… The Incredible Surprise Melted Her Heart!

All mothers like it when their young ones make important milestones in their lives. Taking them for regular check-ups is some of the ways they use to monitor their children’s progress. The mothers over here were taking their one year aged children to a pediatrician for a normal check-up. What they thought was a routine check-up ended up being the best surprise ever.

Their husbands had come up with a plan without their knowledge. Everything was perfectly set and worked out as planned. As every mother is leaving the office of the doctor to head home, the corridor is full of heartfelt messages, family photos and some other things their husbands have set up to surprise them. The whole scene is a Pampers campaign put across as an advertisement.

As revealed in this video, a child’s first birthday means a lot to the mother. Sometimes, it can be linked to a mother’s first birthday. During that day, the mom and the kid have made huge milestones in their lives and thus need to be celebrated. Though the baby cannot see the meaning of whatever that’s happening, it means a lot to the mother!

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