She Tried To Trick Her Cat But Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime! HILARIOUS!

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen curious cats fight with a moving thread of yarn or a cat trying to get a ball behind a glass window. They’re adorable and massively entertaining. Cats are really sneaky animals and they’re very keen too. But when their attention is caught, they lose it and give themselves up in surrender to a game or something new. When cats find themselves with a new item or a new situation, they try different kinds of tricks and ways to figure out what that something is. It’s easy to trick a cat and slump on a couch to laugh at them but what happens when the sneaky little fuzz ball makes its way around your tricky trap.

This feline online celebrity, Timo, has a new clip featuring his owner building a game for him. His owner designs a home-made game out of a cardboard box and a straw. This typical inquisitive cat watches his owner move the straw to catch his attention, but surprisingly instead of jumping in into the game, Timo does this instead!

Timo’s trickster owner got tricked by his own trick on the cat. What did Timo do to outdo his owner? Watch this video and see what a furry ingenious cat he is. Please SHARE!


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