She Uses Nail Polish Remover On The Doll’s Face. I Surely Need This!

I grew up surrounded by a lot of dolls and I loved them very much. All my dolls had unique stories, biographies and names since they could remind me of something else.

It was always enjoyable being around them. I could go on various adventures with them and prepare them tiny meals. The worst part was when I lost one. I considered all of them as my kids and it was a big blow whenever that happened.

Though that was the case, there was one thing that disturbed me; my mom couldn’t allow me to own Barbie dolls. That’s something I never understood until recently.

A lot of controversy has surrounded Barbie dolls. Their skin tone, over-makeup, idealized and curvy bodies has a lot to play to the way growing girls perceive themselves. Given that they resemble or represent our girls, those who play with them normally things they have set expectations to draw from.  That makes most moms to struggle deal with their daughters’ self-esteem issues.

The clip below features a mom who is an expert at making Barbie toys. Her skills are top class and by watching it, you will witness the different stages she undertakes to come up with the final product which many will admire.

Please watch this video and let us know whether you will let your child to playing with these types of dolls. Do you believe they have a potential harm in your child’s future?

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