She Uses Some Free Makeover… What She Saw When She Looked At The Mirror? I’m Speechless!

I have watched this video severally but each time I watch, it seems funnier. I have a tendency of going to the department store during my free time. I just like the store and when I am there, I always go to the cosmetics area and spend some time with the talented staff. Anyway, it’s just free after all. In this incident, a guy offers one of the innocent shoppers a free makeover by making use of his cosmetics kit. There is something funny that comes afterwards but I will not reveal it at this point!

The cutest part comes when the shoppers decide to check how they look in the mirror just realize it was a nice prank, the makeover is just horrible! At times I try to imagine if I was the one, I would be very angry. “Why should they do this to me” that’s what I should have asked. I would turn and find the guy who gave me the cosmetic.

This prank was organized by “Just For Laughs.” The ladies in this clip still surprise me due to their priceless looks. Did you enjoy this clip?

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