She Wanted Her Sick Grandmother To Attend Her Graduation. What She Did? This Knocked Off My Socks!

There is an occasion that someone can never miss, graduation happens to be one. During such a time, friends and family sacrifice their time to come and observe how their loved ones graduate. Even if the ceremony might be boring since an individual has to listen to thousands of names before their loved one’s name is called, people will always attend. Whichever the case, people have always found this moment to be very exciting.

In this clip, we see an old lady who was sick during her granddaughter’s graduation. She was still recovering from the surgery she had undergone and she could not attend Taylor Jeans’s graduation. Taylor loves her grandmother so much and she wished that she could have seen what was happening in the graduation ceremony and she decided to put her laptop in her grandmother’s room so that she could watch the live stream.

The cutest part of the clip started at 2:17 when the announcer revealed something wonderful about Taylor. The announcer says that Jean is supposed to walk into her grandmother’s room the moment she calls her name. What an occasion!

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