She Wanted To Transform Half Her Face, Now Watch When She Comes To The End… WOW!

The power of makeup cannot be overlooked and women who normally wear it can hide a lot behind it. NikkieTutorials is the name of the YouTube channel where the video below originated from and it’s showing the different transformations which can be achieved by wearing makeup. Within the clip, Nikkie is applying the makeup to only one side of her face and leaving the other half to look natural. You will be amazed once you look at the difference she achieves.

There are a number of makeup tutorials out there and each of them has a different message to pass across. Nikkie was inspired by the various comments that people made after applying makeup and decided to come up with this video. She explains how women are perceived once they wear makeup and explains the different phenomenon of those who love wearing makeup.

I believe no one can doubt the ability that makeup has when it comes to causing different transformations. The society has developed the habit of criticizing women who love wearing makeup and it’s something that’s open for discussion. Nikkie believes that it’s wrong for such women to be shamed since if with makeup they are able to improve on their self-esteem and become more confident, then what’s the reason of discouraging from wearing some?

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