She Was Attacked Online For Her Looks, What Followed Next Will Melt Your Heart!

Not a single person has the right of ridiculing the appearances of someone else. Not having something that people refer to as the “ideal” figure is not something to be ashamed of.  After all, there are many ways in which beauty can be described.

One teen that resides in Goodlettsville, TN was attacked by internet bullies when she posted her photos online. Kristen Layne, who is an 18 year-old girl had put on her junior prom dress and took photos while in it and posted them to the Facebook Classifieds. She wanted to sell the dress and use the cash to acquire another one for her coming senior prom. Just a few moments after posting, two men attacked her for her for the way she looked and her weight.

While reporting to WSMV, she revealed the two men told her she was overweight and not beautiful. Jason, the girl’s father never understood what made the anonymous men attack her daughter. Kristen politely defended herself by telling them to stop commenting the way they did. She apologized for failing to please their eyes.

It never took more than 10 minutes before other comments started flying in. People had volunteered to defend her and appreciate her outward and inside beauty. She ended up with $2,000 which was more than the $350 she had planned to get. She was full of happiness and missed the words of thanking the passionate people for their complements and support.

This is a good lesson of not letting those who think otherwise to break us. Kindly SHARE this teen’s inspiring story!

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