She Was Breastfeeding Her 4 Months Baby In The Plane When She She Was Told This… So Unfair!

While on a plane from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, Juliet Thompson, a 28 year old mother of a baby of four months started to breastfeed her kid to keep her tranquil. Minutes later, she was approached by an air hostess who told her to cover herself up as she was offending a passenger who was sitting on a seat, a row in front of her. The woman of late 50s sent the air hostess to tell Juliet to put on clothes.

The attendant came to Juliet and told her that nursing the baby was nothing bad but if she was fine with covering herself up as the baby was fast asleep by then. But revealing to MailOnline, Juliet said that the baby was resting on her and no breast or skin was showing at all.

When Juliet made it clear to the flight attendant that the baby was tranquil because of breastfeeding, the elderly woman who posed the complaint shouted saying that it was a very disgusting thing to leave her just like that.

Juliet confessed that she was embarrassed and like everyone was against her, and she had to cover her baby with the blanket

When the plane landed in Los Angeles, Juliet was told to remain in the plane as the authority came and escorted the passenger who was complaining so that nothing bad could happen. A staff worker of the United Airlines came and apologized to Juliet telling her that she had all the right to breast feed the baby in the plane. She currently wants some action to be taken as the airline never considered her according to the rules that grant her to breast feed in the plane.

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