She Was Carrying Twins, So They Decided To Chronicle The Moments. This Is Awesome!

The nicest thing about all good the times is that they’re always amplified by the records. If you can chronicle every good memory, then you can expect to have a lot of fun in the future. That’s what Stephanie and Adrien realized when they started taking time-lapse photos for her pregnancy, and the fact that she carried twins made everything glow brighter.

In this video, you get to watch the most touching moments of the 9-month streak, until the day Chloe and Leo are born. The family lives in France, and the Eiffel Tower takes an integral part in the background of all this. You’ll love this!

Perhaps the funniest part is when the mom sucks a balloon, and then her stomach gets bigger and bigger until she delivers. You can’t wait for those announcements and cakes and nursery preps. At the end of this incredible video, you’re going to drop~

Check his out and love it. Everybody would like to see such beautiful things, and that’s why you’re going to SHARE this clip with everyone on Facebook. It’s too lovely!

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