She Was Concerned That Her Young Niece Experienced Medical Mystery, Watch How It Was Solved

While growing up, Rihanna was a star softball pitcher and a national gymnastics champion. She was born an athlete and was always cheerful while playing any sport. Rihanna began experiencing unexplained ticks, tantrums, and anxiety. As a result of anxiety, she went from hiding under desks to pulling her hair, and this made her mother scared of what was happening to her gorgeous and talented girl.

Rihanna was sad and desperate at the time of joining high school. Most horrible of all, the medics were totally confused by the strange illness causing affliction to Rihanna’s mind. Just when she was almost losing hope after visiting 15 different doctors, her two aunts came to her rescue, ganged up, and took a move to solve the medical anonymity once and for all.

Using internet research and their nursing knowledge, Rihanna’s aunt came across a blog post written by a mom whose child was suffering from the same symptoms. Her mother was about to take her in a group home when she received a phone call that altered everything.

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