She Was Experiencing The First Signs Of Labor When The Unexpected Happened… OMG!

Child birth is an exciting time for the family as well as any other loving person who is around. It is considered more of a miracle rather than a simple life process. It is a risky affair considering sometimes the baby is lost, or at other times, the mother is lost. In worst case scenarios, both the mother and the baby are lost.

It is a very sad moment when that happens. That is why the best nurses will always treat the delivery process with as much care as they can. However that is always not the case, not because the nurses do not want to, but because of natural circumstances or disasters. That is what was about to happen in the video below. The nurse was preparing to help the expectant mother to deliver when she received alarming news.

A level one tornado was approaching fast. It was one of the scariest moments they had ever experienced. They however did not abandon the mom to be, they could not evacuate her either, and she could not even move her legs. They did the only thing they could. Take a moment and watch them in action.

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