She Was Getting Worried When He Didn’t Show Up Until She Spots Him Doing This With Their Daughter. Priceless!

A dad and his kid are asked what they’d love to do, and they both say they would really like to spend a lot of time together. Now, it happens that the daughter, Lauren, has a dance to do during summer, and her dad, Michael, offers to join her. Then they plan to keep Lynne, the good mom, in the dark about their little secret.

Come the great night, and dad is nowhere to be seen, and mom is getting really worried. She can’t have an empty chair beside her when her lovely daughter is about to throw a nice performance before a thousand people!

What happens next left me with a really warm heart. When the performance kicks off, mom can’t keep herself together. Watch her reaction when she sees her hubby doing this on stage. Lovely!

As much as this great video was just an ad by Quaker Canada, it brings with it some real emotions that show just how far a loving parent can go to bring a smile on their kid’s lips. I’m smiling!

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