She Was Left Alone To Die In A Small Room, You Want Believe The Transformation A Few Years Later!

According to the Tampa Bay Times, on the 13th of July 2005, a detective of Plant City Police by the name Mark Holster, was phoned about child abuse. It was about a girl called Danielle of 6 years. Holster told Tampa Bay Times that it was the worst neglect he had ever seen in his life. The house where this girl was, was a total mess with full of cockroaches, mildews and molds. Danielle was found inside a dark room of the size of a drawer, dressed in a diaper.

She was taken to Tampa General Hospital due to her sorry condition. To the surprise of all, this girl of nearly seven years weighed only 46 pounds, and was unable to walk and eat food.. This is because the brain of a child develops 85% during his first five years of life, as revealed by Dr. Kathleen Armstrong, Director of pediatric psychology at the University of South Florida medical school. Armstrong referred to Danielle to be environmentally autistic because of the long time without getting in contact with humans.

After being hospitalized for 6 weeks, she was taken to a foster home. Most people were concerned about her future.

At last, Danielle was adopted by Bernie and Diane Lierow. The couple revealed to Tampa Bay Times that they had been longing to have a daughter in their family, and Danielle was put in their way for a reason. Even though by the time they adopted her, she still had tantrums and a difficulty in eating, the couple trained her. By 2011, Danielle was able to go to the cupboard by herself and take a glass of water then go ahead to pour the water and drink it. Apart from that, she also is able to look at people and get closer to them.

The past year, Lierows and OWN network visited her. By then, she was 15 years of age, and she was already attending high school. Bernie confessed that Danielle had shown a lot of progress in the recent years. She was now able to tell him short phrases like I love you. He went on to say that it was hard to raise Danielle, but as a couple, they would never change her something else nothing in this world.

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