She Was Naked The Whole Day But No One Noticed – Unbelievable!

The Model Pranksters had a new prank up their sleeves. Forget their catcalling videos that broke the Internet. Are you ready for the new prank? Read on!
They decide to parade an attractive woman wearing nothing but jeans that was literally painted on her. You heard me right the first time – She is not wearing a real pair of jeans.

Check again! She is not wearing jeans. Those “pants” are layers of paint expertly painted on her. The artist deserves a standing ovation.

You would expect heads to turn as the model walked past them. However, no one seemed to notice her.

One man did something unexpected. He took a picture of her using his phone. There was something unusual about her jeans. I am sure a couple of people were bothered by her jeans, but they took no action.

We at our platform cannot get enough of these kinds of social experiments. Some of them shock us beyond understanding.

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