She Was Out To Try Her Luck, Then The Cashier Did This… This Is Awful!

You have to see this video to know if this has ever occurred to you. What an awkward moment for the two kids!

It is really embarrassing when you think that your debit card has some or enough money on it on to be shocked. More worse is when you come to realize at the eleventh hour that you don’t have enough to even buy yourself a meal!

The video below is of two kids, a sister and her brother, who went in search for some ice cream, but they had no enough bucks on them.

As a matter of fact, these two kids were not insolvent, they wanted to find out if this fast food worker who basically earns a minimum wage can comprehend what it means to run short of money. What would be the aftermath? Would they be lent some money or they will be sent away?

What they find out from the three restaurants that they visited was awful.

Perhaps you have never got an opportunity to work at any restaurant, but if as a cashier at the end of the day you do not get everything in order moneywise, you can land in very serious trouble.

Really are these restaurant workers ready to help out the kids or not?

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