She Was Ready For A Selfie. What The Boyfriend Did? Wonderful!

We always know that “selfies” are very common in weddings and a wedding can never go without one. In this video, we see a guy who is proposing to his girlfriend. At first the two were just having their sweet moments when the boyfriend decided to take a “selfie.” The cutest part comes at this point. This lady did not see it coming!

Lisa was just smiling, ready for a “selfie” when her boyfriend knelt down with a ring on his hands and asked the usual question “would you marry me?” The lady was over excited and she had no words to say, this is when she saw her boyfriend was real. What I like about this guy is the fact that he was very spectacular in proposing to his lovely woman.  Lisa sheds tears of joy and then answered her boyfriend with a bog “yes.” She hugged her husband to be and then kissed him.

I just like the situation in this video. This is the one circumstance where one feels there is “love in the air.” what is your opinion concerning this video?

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