She Was Shot In The Face 21 Years Ago, Watch Her Meet The Person Who Did It!

Shawna was a cashier at a grocery store.  In January 1992, the 17-year old was attacked in the grocery store by two armed girls.

Jerrie, Shawna’ s assailant, found her to the store and demanded money before shooting the 17-year old in her face. Jerrie was 14 years then.  The bullet blasted off her lower jaw, lip, and teeth.

Shawna survived the ordeal.

Mark Strickland organized the robbery and he was convicted. Jerrie and her accomplice were placed in juvenile dentition for six years. Jerrie was underage, and the law allowed her to hide her face during the trial. Shawna did not see assailant’s face.

21 years later, Shawna endured 100 painful surgeries to correct her disfigured face. Shawna was a victim of bullying and name calling. The shooting left her face defaced, and she was called nasty names such as “Cabbage Patch Doll.”

Shawna met Jerrie for the first time in 21 years, thanks to Dr.Phil.  Watch the video and follow the powerful conversation. Nobody saw that coming, not even Shawna.

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