She Was Told To Cut Her Old Cedar Tree Down, Now Look What She Transformed It Into. What A Masterpiece!

Being a lover of the flora and fauna, Sara was motivated to purchase a home in the Washington State just because of a cedar tree was at the front yard. But unluckily, the tree became infected and the branches started to fall, making it to be a threat to the neighborhood. The local government approached Sara and asked her to cut down the cedar.

Sara had no option but to cut the 110 year old tree, and convert it to firewood and mulch. But in her mind, she had calculated how she would transform this tree into a library.

She contacted Enter Larry Carter, a natural artist that carves things from wood. For Larry, it was the very first time that he would be trying to make a library using a chain saw, but he decided to give it a try. They both had the deal closed and Larry told her that he never wanted payment, and what he would gladly take instead was the chipped wood that would be produced when the carvings are done.

Even though Sara sometimes has wishes that the tree was to be around still, she is delighted to have a carving for its remembrance.

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