She Was Written-Off When She Appeared On Stage, But Immediately She Started Playing… Unbelievable!

People are not realistic whenever they sit down to set the standards of beauty. We have seen different people coming forward from time to time and disapproving the already set standards.

Previously, it was thought that it was only those with slim bodies that are beautiful and will make a career in the modelling industry. We are happy that there has been a change of thought and the plus-size models have been accepted.

The video below features a full-bodied woman who is indulging in a belly dance routine so as to redefine what it means to be sexy. Mandanah is the name of the woman and you will be wrong to underestimate her when you see her take the stage. She is never afraid to show the international audience her stuff even though she does not have what many consider as a “perfect model body.”

She is good at her belly dancing routine and she is rated among the best worldwide. Immediately she starts to play, you will discover why she is one of the best.

She does everything with precision and intention and is in full control of her moves all through the performance. She has that ability of commanding a wonderful stage presence and everything she does is incredible.

Despite of her capabilities, there are still people who hate Mandanah. Regardless of the negative opinions, she will never stop doing what she loves and change the standards that people apply when analyzing beauty.

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