She Went Into Coma, And Then Woke Up And Talked About Heaven – Watch!

When Yvone Sklar felt sick, she shrugged it off as just a flu. Two weeks later, this would turn out to be something else that would earn her a trip to heaven…and back!

When the illness persisted for 2 weeks, Yvone decided to seek professional medical attention, so she went to see a doctor. She got checked up. Turns out, she had pneumonia, and it was getting worse. Her blood had been infected and she had to be put in induced coma for proper treatment. That’s how it happened!

While she was in coma, her friends and family would gather around her and prayer for her every day. While all that happened, Yvone was “on the other side,” touring heaven and even meeting Jesus. Can you believe that?!

When she finally woke up, the lady narrated her near-death experience. She claimed to have been to heaven and back. She even met Jesus who gave a special message. You just have to watch this clip and get the full story. It’s dumbfounding!

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