She’s A Little Nervous At First, But Wait Until She Starts It. Spectacular!

America’s Got Talent is one show whose judges have been known to be very tough, almost ruthless. However, we’ve seen quite a few people get these guys on the bench so thrilled that they sometimes even hit the buzz. Now you’re about to witness what a smart little girl can do to them!

Anna Christine is nothing if not a talented singer, and you’ll agree to that by the time she finishes wowing people in this nice video here. Anna is 10 years old, but she can do what many can’t. The little lady decided to enter the competition, and she did better than “ace” it on that popular stage!

In the video, Anna is performing the Animals’ “House of The Rising Sun,” and she’s doing it with all her heart. At first, the young shining star is feeling somewhat nervous, but she manages to shove it all aside and deliver a stunning performance. She’s such a great voice. You should see the judges’ reactions!

The judges had no choice but to wave her into the next round in the competition. Their remarks were also very inspiring. You should really see this. Remember to SHARE with your Facebook buddies!


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