She’s As Tall As Her Hair, But One Thing Made Her Cut It. Watch This!

For most of us, hair cutting is part of our routine. We do it from time to time. So, it seems strange when you come across someone who has never cut her hair for the past 23 years. Here, Mary is featured on Tyra Banks’ show where she reveals that her hair has always acted as her security blanket and not even her parents attempted cutting it.

From what we learn from the show, Luke, her future husband was snagged by Mary’s hair. The two met back in college in their senior English class and he had seen the long hair before he could even see her. He instantly fell in love with her because her beauty was irresistible. Though they were in love, something made him decide to transform her – whenever he kissed her, he could get strands of her hair in his mouth.

Mary’s mermaid-like mop make people think she’s older than her actual age. She recalls one time when people thought she was her sister’s mother, although her sister is 18 years. She’s about to get married and all she wants is a new look with the new chapter she’s about to open in her life.

You have to watch the video below to see what Tyra did to help Mary.

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