She’s Never Cut Her Hair. When She Finally Gets A Total Makeover, You Won’t Believe It!

At 34, Charity looked 14. In fact, people took her for her sons’ sister when she went out with them. At one point, she decided to change things, and you’ll love just how it all worked out!

Charity had never had her hair cut before. It had grown to an astonishing length of about 3 feet. She’s 4’11, so you can imagine what she looked like. But that’s all before her lovely sons finally managed to convince her to get a makeover – and who’s the best human to oversee such a great occasion? Rachael Ray!

So Charity finally decided to take the plunge and get herself transformed. She had the long hair cut and made into the best style in town. After the “operation” you won’t believe it’s her. Charity no longer looks 18. She’s now a woman of value!

After the makeover, she’s no longer having her nice hair trapped by doors and seat belts. She’s much happier and more comfortable. That’s great!

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