She’s Paying In Coins And Taking Long At The Counter, But This Cashier Is Just So Cool. He’s Lucky Too!

Ishamael Gilbert is a now a patient care technician at a hospital where a certain good lady works. She got the job for him, and want to know how this 20-year-old former cashier landed such a nice job at a hospital. The story is inspiring!

Things kicked in motion one day when this lady, Sarah Bigler, walked into a store. She shopped and then went to pay. However, she couldn’t pay right away since there was another elderly lady getting served first at the counter. The old woman was paying for her shopping in coins, and that only worked to lengthen her “stay” at the counter. Sarah was a little impatient with all the delaying, but she noticed something happening at the counter. Wait!

The cashier, Ishamael Gilbert, wasn’t rushing the lady along. He calmly helped her count her coins and even assured her, when she asked, that she could actually afford an extra reusable bag. The guy even went ahead to get the bag for her. That’s how Ishamael ended up at the hospital- a much better job. In fact, they’re paying for his nursing degree too!

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