She’s Young And Innocent, But When She Opens Her Mouth? WHOA!!

When she gave this performance, she was only 11 years old but her incredible voice is mature enough and that is the reason why this video has gone viral.

On this day, Mia Negovetić was doing a rendition of “Listen,” a song sang by Beyoncé. She decided that the school gymnasium was the right stage to show off her talents that are unique to find in a kid of such an age.

She’s a confident girl since many can confess that it’s not that easy to give a worth performance while standing in front of your friends. One wonders how a small kid managed to sing such a difficult song with such standards something that most seasoned performers will have struggled to achieve. The clip makes you understand why fans are requesting the little girl to release more and why it has over a million viewers.

I believe Beyoncé will be proud watching Mia’s performance. How do you fail to appreciate what she does at the 1:10 mark? I believe this is one of the future superstars who are waiting to take the music industry by storm. What a talent!

You might have heard the song, but you won’t resist falling in love with the performance of this kid. Please show some love to this young star by SHARING her awesome performance with everyone!


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