Shocking Ability As This Kid Builds Wonderful Structure With Lego Bricks!

When little children start to grow up, they basically play all games that they come across or they see. With time, a child develops interest in one or two games that he will be frequently playing. One of the games that nearly everybody plays is Legos. This is a game where one needs to arrange some small bricks till he comes up with some structure. In the video below, we see this little kid by the name of Lasse Ankersø, a Norwegian, who had the addiction of playing Lego more than anything else.

In the living room of his house, he was able to build a small version of the RMS Titanic. The approximate amount of Lego bricks that he used were more than 30,000. This whole scale model of Titanic is about 10 feet long and almost 2 and a half feet tall.

Take a look at the wonderful work of this little kid in the video below, and tell us how long it would have taken you to do the same building. Please SHARE this video with all your friends on Facebook!


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