Shocking Discovery about Celebrities Buried In Hollywood

Most of us love the idea of following celebrity stories and knowing as much as possible about the stuff we find amusing in their lives. These include stuff like the happy or rocky marriages, what they do for fun, where they shop, and how they spend the fortunes they earn overnight. There is however little details about their lives that escapes us.

These include details such as where the celebrities are buried after spending a life of comfort and fame.  While most common folk end up in the public cemeteries, some of the Hollywood celebrities have their last wishes somewhere in Hollywood. Their hidden graves are not as glamorous as their lives but they are still quite unique in their own ways.

In the video below, you get to see what is written on the grave headstones. It kind of looks like a complete story when you get to read about a celebrity from the day they were born to the day they died and where they are buried.

It just sums life in an interesting way. This is because most of the times we do not think of life on earth as something limited but instead we always have plans that extend into the horizons.

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