Shop Owner Mistreats Homeless Man Sleeping At His Shop Entrance. When He Gets To Know… Too Late!

The country of origin of the commercial you’re about to watch is Thailand. When we bring you commercials from other countries, we don’t intend to say that America does not make ads. The reason is that when one does something that is touching and powerful, there is a need to honor him, and that’s what we’re doing. There is no doubt that when you watch the video, you will definitely shed tears.
At the beginning of the clip, we see a shop owner opening his shop door daily, where he finds a homeless man sleeping at the entrance. But instead of the owner waking up the homeless man and asking him why he is sleeping there, he pours water onto him, shouts and kicks him. The homeless guy does not say anything but runs away.

But one day as he opens the shop door, he does not see the homeless man, the neighbor tells him that he is long gone. Hearing that he goes inside and puts on the security cameras In order to find out what really happened.

The lesson we learn from this video is that we should not treat people by looking at their appearance.

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