Similar Skeletons Are Seen Behind The Screen… Then See Who Comes Out? What A Powerful Message!

The powerful role that diversity plays in our lives is what this video is putting across. I’m sure all of us have come across relationships that are fully based on insignificant things. Some of these trivial things   include: one’s race, religion, age, sex and many others. If you are one of those who have always thought that way, you have to watch this to learn why we are all the same!

This clip is part of the “Love Has No Labels” campaign and its main aim is to show all of us are the same under the skin. The organization which was carrying out this project set up a screen and different groups were invited to do all the acts they were interested in with behind it. All what those who were watching in front of the screen were able to see was only skeletons. Irrespective of whether one was disabled, from a different age, sex, religion and race, viewers only saw the same framework of skeletons.

Viewers were shocked to see the appearance of those who emerged from behind the scenes. Surely this is a powerful message which shouldn’t be ignored by any of us.

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