Singer Shocks The Doctors When He Does This While Being Operated!

One very important thing in this world is being healthy. Without a good status of health, you can’t manage to do anything that you may like. In the video below, we meet this singer by the name AmbrozBajec-Lapajne, who is known to be a singer of opera songs. He is in the hospital and diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors were requesting him to try to sing to reduce the possibility of there being in a post-surgery.

Bajec-Lapajne, claims that upon being told by the doctors, he started to sing “GuteNacht” in diverse keys to assure himself that he was still able to recognize the song, which is definitely wonderful.

While being operated, they reached a time, in the 2:45 mark, where he started to murmur a little bit and was unable to speak. This made me get scared for a while, thinking that something bad was going to happen to him.

But him being a strong man with much faith, he was able to recover fully in a year and started to sing again.

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