Single Mom Turns A Shipping Container Into A Home. Incredible!

For most people, working a 9-5 job is the big dream. But for people like this Argentinean mom, it’s the simple things in live that make it worth living. Get set for a surprise!

Lulu is from Argentina. She now lives in the US with her little daughter. Lulu had gone back to school and when she finally got through, she moved out of her house. She decided to get a shipping container and turn it into the most amazing home ever, and that’s what she did!

Lulu spent about $4,000 to build this home, and you just can’t believe the final results. It has a heating unit, camping stove, insulation and a nice kitchen. What’s more? All this was done using cheap pre-used materials from the junkyard, and you won’t even notice it!

At one point, Lulu felt that she and her lovely daughter needed some more space, so she turned a trailer into a bedroom. That way, they could have a nice playroom and get to enjoy their life to the fullest. That’s great!

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