Sister Reunited With Older Brother’s Heart During Quinceanera

Monique was in a celebratory mode when she turned 15 year old. She had a good reason to be. She was dressed in a pink dress and had a sparkling crown on her head. Her family and friends were also there to celebrate for her. The only one missing was her dear brother, Mikey. Mikey was not there because ten years ago, he was involved in a fatal road accident.

While the family was mourning Mickey’s departure, Audrey was suffering from a heart disease that was threatening to take her life. Her family had managed to get her to undergo two different heart transplants. Her body had rejected then two hearts. Doctors were unable to find a match, until they tired paring Audrey and Mikey’s hearts. It was a match, Mikey posthumously saved Audrey.

When Audrey was 18 years old, Monique’s family decided to surprise her in a special way. You know, the two girls had not met before. Now for the first time, Monique was not only going to meet the girl whose life her brother saved, but also the best gift anyone could ever ask for.

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