Skin Color Does Not Bother These Toddlers. Watch Them Do Something Beautiful!

Children are the loveliest members that we can have as a family. They are sincere in what they observe and their judgment is not polluted like that of an adult. What they do or say comes form their simple understanding of things. However, as they grow up, adults teach them to be selfish and uncaring about the feelings of those who are in need.

It is therefore worth asking, “What would happen if we let children grow up with their simplicity of true love and compassion for others?”  If we avoid telling them that they are better than others. What if we could just stick to simply urging them to be loving and kind as they are? Would the world not be a better place?

In the video below, two toddlers are seen sharing a genuine and honest hug. It is one of the few things that you are guaranteed two adult strangers who just met, from different ethnic backgrounds will never do. Take a moment and watch this amazing video.

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