Smart Little Fan Of Baseball Tricks Three Women At A Baseball Match! Unbelievable!

If you are a true fan of baseball, then one of your dreams is to catch a ball coming as a foul at least once while attending a game. There are those who are lucky to do it and others don’t.

At the stadium, you will find two types of fans, there are those who retain the ball for themselves, while the others throw it to the person at the stands. The happening in the following video seems to be lovely at the beginning but later some funny truth is unfolded.
While Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays were playing, a teen fan caught the foul ball and all appeared that he was handing it over to one of the ladies behind him. But this was just but a trick that the fan was playing on them. When you have a look at what his gloves are holding, you will really know why this clip has attained more than 8 million views.
One of the commentators wrote that he really needed to learn from this fan, while another one commented that it was some sly and smooth tactic.

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