Soldier Gets Called Up For Deployment, So He Does This To His Girlfriend. Don’t Miss Her Reaction!

Anyone who has a relative serving in the military knows just how hard it can be seeing them leave home to go fight for us all in far-flung parts of the planet. However, we’ve seen soldiers returning to surprise their loved ones many times. So, what if one of them decides to pull one before he goes? Perfect!

So here’s one of those rare videos that you never want to skip, and you can be sure that this one here is going to give you such a good kick. Get set!

So this Marine, Noah Click, has received his call for deployment, but before he boards a plane to get out of sight of his lovely girlfriend, this soldier has one more mission to accomplish before he starts others. In the video, Noah and Lauren are taking photos of themselves before he goes, but the lady doesn’t realize what the man is really up to until it’s too late!

Watch as she turns around and freezes when she sees him on one knee. Her next reaction is epic. You must want to see this!

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