This Soldier Did Something He Considered Simple And Never Expected It Will Turn to This!

It was while Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon was at Taco Bell taking supper when two boys; one of 13 years and another one of 9 years popped into the restaurant to try and raise some money for their church by selling some homemade treats. On taking a closer look at them, Army Lt. Col. Risdon realized that they had wet clothes. When he asked them if they had something to eat for dinner, they responded that they didn’t.

Jason Gibson, a customer at the Taco Bell was so touched by the action of the Army Lt. Col. Risdon and decided to film it all then post it on Facebook.

The soldier went ahead and bought the kids some dinner to eat, an action that touched many. When interviewed by the Huffington Post, Army Lt. Col. Risdon said that he was embarrassed by the praises he was receiving when people saw the clip on Facebook. He went on saying that he is a believer and did not need any praise at all, more so when it is obvious that they are living in the best country in the world with amazing people who do wonderful actions to the needy on a daily basis.

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