Someone Steals His Leg, And Then This Shark Tank Decides To Do This… Bless Him!

I don’t really know exactly what’s wrong with Earthlings, but some people are just morons. I mean, why would anyone want to steal a prosthetic leg from a little kid? That’s too gross!

It happened to 11-year-old Liam Brenes. The kid was with his family at the beach when some thief decided to help themselves to what wasn’t theirs. The crook took everything belonging to Liam’s family. He even took Liam’s prosthetic leg. Without that leg, it becomes very difficult for the little one to walk and live a normal life. Why would anyone want to do that to him?!

However, not every human is as cruel as such thieves. When news of the little one’s predicament hit the screens, Robert Herjavec caught it with emotion. Robert is a “Shark Tank,” and he has money. Since Liam’s family could not afford to replace the expensive leg, Robert decided to step in and help. What a gentleman!

Watch this full video and see what happened next. It’s heart-touching, to say the least. I wish everyone had such a golden heart. If this impresses you, SHARE the video with all your buddies on Facebook. It’s great!

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