Something Happened To A Lion In Zimbabwe, And It Choked A TV Show Host In America. Why, Why Why?!

When you go to a Park, you go there to enjoy yourself, to watch the lovely wild animals and even take some beautiful photos of them and the landscape. It’s even better and more focused when you’re a tourist from another country. So, why would you ever contemplate murder against a beautiful, largely peaceful wild animal?

That’s the question that’s been bugging the world after one tourist, Walter James Palmer, went to Zimbabwe as a tourist, but ended up shooting, beheading and even skinning the one lion that everybody loved.

To many within and even outside the country, the 13-year-old Cecil was a loved lion, and that explains Jimmy Kimmel’s explosive reaction on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy, a TV show host, even choked as he expressed his anger at the man who killed the lion. He urged those who would like to make a difference to donate funds towards the good work of the Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit which had been tracking Cecil at the Hwange National Par for a long time.

Watch this video and see Jimmy’s justified reaction to this sad incident and criminal act, and SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook. Let’s protect our wildlife!


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