Something In This Prison Guard’s Voices Awes The Judges – It’s Magical!

When 35-year-old Sam Bailey made her way to The X Factor UK, skepticism filled the air. Sam had a rough presentation, was shy, and appeared nervous. At the mention of her occupation, the skepticism increased.

Sam works as a prison guard. She is not sophisticated. When her time came to sing, she chose Beyoncé’s “Listen.” It is not an easy song to sing.

Sam proved the judges wrong. Despite her rough looks, she was meant to be in the competition.

When Sam started to sing, the judges could not believe it. I think she sang the song better than Beyoncé. Nobody expected Sam to have a melodious and powerful voice.

What was the reaction from the judges? One of them wondered where the deep voice came from. Another judge said that Sam sang with a lot of passion.

The shy and nervous Sam got emotional. She took a big risk, and it paid off. All the judges gave her a “Yes,” and she made it to the next round.

The teary Sam made her way out of the audition room and shared the good news with her kids.

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