Son Pulls A Surprise From The 50s. Now Watch His Parents When They See It… Priceless!

Joe and Beverly tied the knot at just 19, and one thing they’ve never forgotten is the day they drove from church in their 1948 Plymouth convertible. That car was such a great source of good memories. But fate was to happen.

Just after their marriage, the Korean War raged, and Joe ended up getting drafted into the Army and deployed to Korea. The couple had to sell the car. Life got brighter when Joe returned from the war and worked hard to set up his own car dealership. But amid all this, none of the cars he came across could fit in the “shoes” of their cool little Plymouth. That thing was always missed, and their son, Smith, knew that!

On their 60th anniversary, the couple got the surprise of their lives!

Smith had always wanted to do something to make his parents extremely happy, and he figured that could work if he brought them a nice replica of their old car. Now this video is going viral and everyone loves the old man’s reaction!

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