Special Christmas Display For The Men In Uniform – What Do You Think?

During the festive season, it is not uncommon to spend time with family and friends as we celebrate Christmas. It is a time to catch up with family and friends having fun and enjoying the warmth that it brings.

All these activities take place with most of us feeling happy and secure, but we rarely even spare a thought for the people who work so hard to keep us safe with our sense of security. These are the police, firefighters and the military.

These are the special people that were remembered by a family and were honored with hundreds of beautiful words, four beautiful colors and all this presented with glowing 22,000 lights to bring an eye catching and breathtaking display.

“A soldier’s silent night” is the theme song that shows the reality of this fact. When you take time to think about it or imagine yourself in the shoes of these brave men and women the reality sets in. This is a great beginning and we can only hope that more and more families will be remembering to honor their heroes and heroines during this festive season.

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