Starbucks Worker Fails To Connect With A Client Due To Deafness, What She Did Next? Amazing!

Sarah is a barista, cat lover and a student at the same time. Her love to socialize with people made her to work at Starbucks. Then one day while working, a couple came at the place. She approached them as usual to ask them what they would like to have. When she asked the woman to say her name so that she could pen it down at her drink order, the lady just stared at her with a surprised face. Sarah got in a perplexed situation from the stare the woman gave her, but what she learned later, changed her life.

She later learned from the boyfriend of the girl that she was deaf. To Sarah, it was not common for people who she is not fond of them to speak so openly and without hiding anything. When they finished buying their drinks, they went away and Sarah was left with some feelings disturbing her from the inside. What made her uneasy is the inability to chat with the woman. She considered it unfair for the woman not to connect with her because of the impairment.

What would have been the next step for Sarah? Watch the clip below and find out. It is a need to watch the video to get the strong message it contains.

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