Stepdaughter Surprises Dad With Car Similar To The One He Sold To Marry Her Mother – Watch!

Dave who is a stepdad to Kristin Russel, happened to meet her mum some years back. Since, day one of dating, they were just lovebirds. Due to being financially poor, their wedding plans faced problems as things turned out to be expensive. In order for their wedding to become successful, Dave had to sell his Porsche 914, a 1973 model that he valued most.

He had to dismantle the car into several parts and sell them independently. According to him, the sale he made was worth. He had to sell his loved car so that he could be with his all-time partner whom he loved the most.

When Kristin grew up, she heard the story of how her stepdad sold his beloved car. Since she loved her dearly, she decided to surprise her with something during the Father’s Day.

We all can witness the surprise present for her stepdad in the clip below. She took her time in looking for a similar model of the car, he once sold so as to marry her mother. In the clip, we have the opportunity of seeing when she directs her stepdad out of the house to come see the surprise present.

You can note that Dave never has the smallest idea that the car belongs to him. But when his stepdaughter yells that it’s his, he totally becomes dazed with joy. This makes him to give her a tight hug symbolizing how much he loved her.

Watch the clip below to see the moment Dave hears the unbelievable words that he was the owner of the car!

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